Monday, May 29, 2006


It's been thirty days already and I feel like I've gotten so much accomplished!

Today I painted the front door.

It was white but you have to paint it for the warrenty to be in effect.

I've had the paint just not the time.

I need to get a sponge roller to put the last coat on but other than that it's done!

I also painted the little desk that I bought but,

Angie peeled the paint off the seat.

She's got short-timers, BAD,

and she's killing me.

She thinks that she is going home to her mom,

instead of to her new mom and dad.

She is going nuts.

Hate to see how she is when she figures out that she is going to someone elses house.

I got all theri stuff packed and ready to go.

They will be leaving tomorrow morning.

I will wish them luck.

Them AND thier new parents!

1 comment:

Amah said...

They will be packing her up and returning her to you!! Then the fight will be on!! Glad you called so I could say goodbye to them. Thank you. Only a few more days!!