Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day26- Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Today would be Jeremy's 34th birthday.

I sure do miss him.

I have an appt set up with a criminal psychic to see if she can help us out.

Got to talk to Rod this morning.

I must say that it's nice being able to hear from him more than twice in a deployment.

Some jobs have great benefits!!

The girls went on their visit today.

While they were gone I called and talked to her supervisor.

I let her know that I would not be fighting the removal.

I could, don't know if I would win or not, but I could hold it off.

I'm trying to look out for the girls and not fight over them.

I did let the supervisor know that the SW was discriminating and she agreed to look into it.

She said that having a large family is NOT a reason to not allow adoption.

We had a long conversation and I was able to clear some things up with her.

I think I will take a short term baby.

They are so much easier!!

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