Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Day 24- A breakthrough

Makkiah went to school reluctently today.

He was fine until we got there and then he didn't want to stay.

I did convince him to stay and knew he would do alright.

When I went to pick him up I got good news and not so good news.

One teacher he really likes and he does well with her.

Her hubby is on deployment and her son is the same age as Makkiah,

so she knows what he's going through. She tends to be on a better wavelength with her.

The other teacher, well, he's never really cared for her and tends to ignore her most of the time.

She told him to do something and he told her that he didn't want to listen to her! Oops.

BUT the good news is...

He got upset because he wasn't the first one outside to get the ball and...

instead of throwing something or YELLING,

he told his teacher (the one he doesn't care for) that

He was angry!!!

I'm so glad that he used his words and expressed that instead of the alternative!!

Our company left this morning and we were blessed to have them.

Other than that nothing much happening around here.

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Amah said...

Great day for Kiah!! It is so hard for him to slow down enough to think of the words he needs!! But he's doing so much better!!! Love from Amah