Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Day four

Today was a great day.

Makkiah had a great in school.

Angie actually brought me candy that she found instead of eating it!!!

Mrs Joyce came so my house is nice and clean.

AND the investigator came out.

She is closing the case with only a few minor violations-

1)the outlets which are fixed

2)the cleaning closet door which is fixed

3)the garden tools behind a locked door which is in progress

4)a door on the babies room which is in progress and

5)the kickwall in the boys room needing to be better stabilized which is in progress.

She told me that when I got these other things done to call and let her know but they are a huge deal as they aren't really safety issues and we are in the process of fixing them. They are actually issues that we created because we are doing work on the house which she understands. SO that is all taken care of. Now the only thing left to worry about is the girls adoption worker and advocate.

Pray that we get a large, family friendly adoption worker so that we have a chance at adopting these girls.

The ship is already nearing their halfway point. Pretty good for us since Rod just left.

Tomorrow will be a busy day with a trip to the pulmonologist for Makkiah.

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Amah said...

I'm an advocate for whatever family you want!!! We are praying for you and the girls.