Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day eleven

No pictures of today's project as my camera is MIA.

And I got a lot done today!

I had a guy come drywall the door area in the baby girls' room.

It looks good and will look even better when I get it primed and painted.

I painted the kids bathroom.

It turned out really good.

All the kids think it's really cool so I must have done alright!

To bad I can't find my camera.

Tomorrow John is going to come over and help me do the halfway in the the oldest two boys room.

Starting to get some color on the walls and it's continuing to look better.

Our attorney is filing our court papers this week regarding the house.

Then we just have to wait for Rod to get home so that we can get this stuff finished up.

Hopefully I can find my camera (I put it somewhere but don't remember where that where is!)

1 comment:

Amah said...

Look 1. in the diaper bag. 2. under the recliner you were sitting in when you uploaded the last ones 3. under the table between the recliners 4. in the baby's toy baskets. If all that fails to turn it up - it is definately mia. Love MOM