Thursday, November 23, 2006

Some only Dream of Angels, I held one in my arms!

Fly Free Sweet Angel!!

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My beautiful Angie

We received the most horrifying news last night while watching the local news. Our beautiful, happy, healthy Angie was murdered. She was taken from our home and placed into a forever family that was supposed to love her, cherish her and protect her. That did not happen. Our little girl died by herself on Sunday and nobody found out anything until Tuesday by watching the news. My baby is in a better place where no one can hurt her anymore. I don't pretend to know why this happened but I will make sure that she gets justice and is not forgotten.

To my beautiful little girl,

You were loved by us with all of our hearts. You were rocked, held, loved and we are blessed to have had you touch our lives. You will live on in our hearts and memories forever. We love you baby girl!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


I got an e-mail on my FLickr account from a company that wanted permission to use one of my photos in a game.

The website to the game is:GiftTRAP

The photo that they want to use is this one:

Handstand through the water

If they decide to use it they will give me credit for the picture in the game and I will get a free copy of the game. How exciting!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

New Stools!

The stools that we had started to make marks in our new vinyl.

I tried putting the felt pieces on the bottom of them but it didn't work.

At Big Lots the other day I found some nice stools on clearance for $20 marked down from $70.

I bought three of them and brought them home.

I put the first one together and it was perfect!

Put the next one together and it was 5 inches higher than the first one!

Looked at the box of the third one and it was 5 inches higher as well. So I had one 24" and two 29". The 29" ones were too high SO I loaded the two stools that were to high in the van along with Taniyah and Makkiah.

Went back to Big Lots and discovered that they had no more of the 24" stools in the style that I had bought SO I traded the two 29" stools for two 24" stools of a different style.

Came home and they were totally different! Two different colors, backs, and seats.

SO I loaded the first stool that I had put together in the van and took it back to Big Lots and traded it in SO in the end I have three matching stools!

Someday I will get motivated and restain them to match the cabinets BUT that won't be soon! I have to say that they aren't bad for less than $100 including stools and the cushions that I bought!




Sunday, November 12, 2006

Noah's Ark

The underwater room is completed so we have moved on to our next project - the nursery.

We are doing the nursery at the church in a Noah's Ark theme.

We took out a door and sink and drywalled over the openings so that there is more space in the room. Now the room has one door and one sink!

Then we painted the grass and sky.

Now we are painting the animals and the ark.

So far I the elephants




Are done!

The ark and bears are almost done:

When we get more done I will update about it again!