Friday, September 29, 2006

And he's off, again!

Rod left this morning for an underway period.

Thankfully he will be home again before Mom and Poppa leave.

The last couple times he hasn't been home much but hopefully his days off will really be days off this time!

He will of course be leaving again shortly after returning, he's leaving the same day as Mom, Poppa, and "the crew".

Poppa's meetings were cancelled so he's been home everyday this week but does occassionally wander out to do the things that Poppa does!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Silly kitty!!!

My kitties will sleep anywhere they can fit.

Some of the places that the fit are just so funny and I have to take pictures of them.

This is Minie sleeping thier water dish.

09232006 002

He actually slept there for quite a while before getting up and moving on!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Two days in one!

Sunday I headed off to aid in the Sunday school class. Rod had duty so I had to come home to pick up my kids and head back to church.

Mom and Poppa joined us at church with their four kids and we proceeded to sign them all in to their classes.

My teacher didn't show up so I taught in the second service also.

After church we headed home and relaxed.

It was a lazy sorta day, well as lazy as you can get with 5 kids under the age of 4!

Headed off to my evening class and ended the day.

Monday got all the kids off to school and then to practice.

They have to be there by 4pm and I stop and picked another team member up and gave him a ride. The kids get home from school, grab a snack, go potty and head out to the van.

Not to much excitement except lots of kids, lots of toys and lots of fun!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Taniyah helping and Mom's here!

Yesterday morning I was checking my e-mail after getting the four elementary kids off to school.

Ladaria and Tyreque had a planning day so they were still home.

Taniyah decided that she needed to help me and settled herself right in front of my laptop!


We went to choir practice and then on to home group.

Brayana went to Palm Springs for the weekend with friends, Ladaria went to stay with Lauren, Destini went to a birthday party and Tyreque went to a friends house so today we only had Jaleel, Tete and Mak.

We took them to the rec center for a community fair.

Mom called and we weren't sure when they would be coming in.

She finally called to say that they had made it in so Jaleel and I headed off to pick them up.

Rod stayed home with Makkiah and Tete so they could help him clean out the van.

Since they were delayed and rushed from one plane to the next they had not eaten all day. We met Rod at Poppa's favorite eatin' place.

Came home and vacuum out the van.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The new tutu!

I made a new tutu with some thinner material.

It still looks really big on her though.

She's not to impressed with any of them really.

That may change after our company gets here and she has to share!




Thursday, September 21, 2006


Taniyah loves to get her picture taken.

Lately she brings me the camera and says "cheese"!!

I hung some fabric on the wall from Wally world.

Today she brought me the camera and went to stand in front of the backdrop!

She was loving it!!

That's funny!

Hammin it up big time tonight!

And then a made a collage of some of her different expressions!
The many faces of T

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy Day

Today was the Family Day lunch at the elementary school.

I have four kids there and decided to take Taniyah and go.

Makkiah had lunch at 11:35 so he was first to come out.

I fed Taniyah before we went but she sat with Makkiah and kept him company!

09102006 128

Then Destini came out for lunch 10 minutes later. Makkiah had finished eating. Destini sat down with a friend but there wasn't much room left so we moved to the peace circle. Then Brayana and Jaleel came out. By the time they all got out and ate it was time to pick Makkiah up from his class which he had returned to.

09102006 129

After school we went to Math Club at the rec center. Brayana, Destini, and Jaleel go twice a week and I help out. They seem to enjoy it. Mixed in is a little public speaking which is good for them.

After that we ran home and ate quickly before heading off to children's Bible study. We talked about Jesus being our best friend and we had a party.

09102006 130

09102006 136

Then we came back home and ate dinner.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I caught a lizard!

I took Taniyah out to play and Coco was trying to catch it. So I brought it in the house and put it in the little tank thing for Brayana.

In the process I had to take a couple of pictures!

Always looking for a new subject.

So here is the little lizard on my finger!


Baby lizard

Monday, September 18, 2006

Who needs school photographers?

I went to Walmart and bought some black material for a backdrop. Pinned it up on the kitchen wall, brought in one of our lamps, and home made photo studio!

Makkiah Sept 06

Makkiah took this photo of Ladaria

I made a tutu

or at least I attempted to make a tutu!

I followed the directions and it didn't turn out as I had pictured it.

Got some more material and will try again.

What do you think -


Your wish is granted!



Hey this is a great water bottle!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


What do you mean my Mom hasn't been keeping this site updated?

Hey, what do you mean I have to go to bed now?

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Aye Matey!!!

Curious kitty!

Peek a boo!!!!!  I see you!!

That was SO funny!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Playing with pictures

09102006 063

I don't like THIS!!

Holding a flower

Thinking reflection

I took some of the other kids but they didn't come out to well. I will have to retry the ideas that I did with them again later.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fallen, Not Forgotten

I got a DVD yesterday of the ACTION team when they presented at the Vietnam Veteran's Moving Wall display.

It was an honor for the team to be able to do this and to honor those who had served and lost their lives for our freedom.

This song is one of my favorites.

Fallen, Not Forgotten

A few more creatures!

I finished outlining a few more of our creatures in the nursery at church.

I might have it finished in the next week or so and then will be moving on to the next room!!

Rod did the painting on these and I did the outlining. He's really starting to get good at blending those colors!

09102006 123

09102006 122

09102006 126

Monday, September 11, 2006


Every day in the kindergarten class they choose two children to get "Spotlight". Spotlight is giving to the two kids who have shown kindness, made good choices and listened well in class.

After the first week and half of school I was certain that Makkiah would not get Spotlight but he has proven me wrong and of this I am glad!

Today was the second time he has recieved spotlight. He even recieved an OUTSTANDING on his behavior for the week on his parent bulletin!!!

Maybe he isn't dedtined to be the kindergarten drop out after all! WHEW!! I was a little worried there for a few days. My other thought was that I would end up spending a LOT of time there at the school with him and the principal! Two whole weeks though and NO calls!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Rod's pulmonary appt

Rod went to see the pulmonologist yesterday.

He was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, reactive airway disease and nasal mucosal something or other.

These problems all started AFTER moving into the house.

Will have to call my attorney and find out what I need to do.

It's probably mold in the house that is doing it.

Wonder if we will have to move back into housing until things get straightened out.

Rod doesn't like that idea but if we have to so that he can get healthy then that's a price that we have to pay. I know that eventually we will have to move out because the house needs a lot of work that can't be done while we are here.

The problem is that we can't afford to live in housing and pay our mortgage so I'm not sure exactly how that would work out.

Need to talk to the attorney first and find out.

Will let everyone know when I hear something.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Get together

To break up the monotony of being home with Taniyah and to share in some adult conversation I had some military wives over.

They are some ladies that I met through a military wives support group. I'd been to a couple of get togethers at their homes and decided that it was my turn to host one.

4 mommas and 3 babies came. We hung out, talked, and ate. The baby's were all 7 and 8 months old but I think Taniyah still enjoyed playing with them.

09062006 007

Taniyah ate and ate and ate. I don't think I've ever seen her eat that much. Fruit, spaghetti, macaroni salad, chips, dip, more fruit, and then a cupcake.

He sure liked his cupcake too!
09062006 015

Taniyah got down from the table and when I went to investigate I found her eating Lacey's candy bar!! It was half melted from the heat and made a gooey mess so back to the table she went!

09062006 018

The ladies all had a good time and have decided that they want to come back here again since I have so much space.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coco got SKUNKED!!!

Last night I was laying on the floor watching tv.

Kids are in bed and all is quiet.

Rod went to turn out lights and I hear--

Bang, bang, bam, OH NO!!

The cat runs into the living room and the worst smell in my life permeates my house!!!

There was a skunk on the back porch and Coco didn't want the skunk in the house, I', guessing.

Rod saw the skunk, saw Coco go towards it and he ran to shut off the pet door into the house.

It was to late,

the skunk sprayed, the cat ran, and WHOA!!!

She got it right in the face,

she was foaming, her lips were swollen and she couldn't open her eyes.

Rod and I donned gloves and towels, a spray bottle with vinegar and baby wipes.

We wrapped her up and cleaned her face off as well as we could.

Sprayed the house this morning with Oust after I went to the store!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our trip to the beach

We decided after we got done painting today that we would take the kids to the beach.

Went to Albertson's and got some chicken and drinks.

Went home to change clothes and pick up the kids.

Got everyone loaded into the van.

Headed to the beach.

The clouds in the sky looked so cool when we left that I started taking pictures.

Trip to the beach

By the time we got towards downtown it looked like this.

Trip to the beach3

We headed to Hotel Del but there are no bathrooms near the beach there but the sunset was beautiful!

Trip to the beach5

We finally ended up at Breakers Beach but didn't stay long as it was getting dark. The kids did get in the water though it was to dark to take pictures with the flash. The flash ended up pickng up all the sand and mist in the air. This is the last picture that I got.
Palm Tree sunset

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Some of the Sea Creatures

Rod and I have been painting at the church.

We've painted a few days and it's fun.

We don't have a lot of time to spend there but things seem to be coming along nicely.

Here are a few of the creatures that we have finished.

09022006 011

09022006 012

09022006 013

09022006 008