Monday, September 11, 2006


Every day in the kindergarten class they choose two children to get "Spotlight". Spotlight is giving to the two kids who have shown kindness, made good choices and listened well in class.

After the first week and half of school I was certain that Makkiah would not get Spotlight but he has proven me wrong and of this I am glad!

Today was the second time he has recieved spotlight. He even recieved an OUTSTANDING on his behavior for the week on his parent bulletin!!!

Maybe he isn't dedtined to be the kindergarten drop out after all! WHEW!! I was a little worried there for a few days. My other thought was that I would end up spending a LOT of time there at the school with him and the principal! Two whole weeks though and NO calls!



Amah said...

What a great report!!! Please tell Kiah that I'm so proud of him!!

Sharen said...

All this good stuff since the surgury? Maybe they removed just the right thing!! Way to go Kiah!