Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coco got SKUNKED!!!

Last night I was laying on the floor watching tv.

Kids are in bed and all is quiet.

Rod went to turn out lights and I hear--

Bang, bang, bam, OH NO!!

The cat runs into the living room and the worst smell in my life permeates my house!!!

There was a skunk on the back porch and Coco didn't want the skunk in the house, I', guessing.

Rod saw the skunk, saw Coco go towards it and he ran to shut off the pet door into the house.

It was to late,

the skunk sprayed, the cat ran, and WHOA!!!

She got it right in the face,

she was foaming, her lips were swollen and she couldn't open her eyes.

Rod and I donned gloves and towels, a spray bottle with vinegar and baby wipes.

We wrapped her up and cleaned her face off as well as we could.

Sprayed the house this morning with Oust after I went to the store!!!


Amah said...

Did it work? I have never heard of anything other than time (and sometimes that didn't work) that totally got rid of the smell!! Poor Coco!! Defending her home! Good Girl!!

Amah said...

BTW - the skunk was probably after the pet food. Around here they REALLY LIKE cat food. We are all told not to leave cat food out. Of course, here, we leave our cat out and the gator will get it!!

chel said...

Poor brave coco! tough night to be her,eh?

Marsha said...