Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy Day

Today was the Family Day lunch at the elementary school.

I have four kids there and decided to take Taniyah and go.

Makkiah had lunch at 11:35 so he was first to come out.

I fed Taniyah before we went but she sat with Makkiah and kept him company!

09102006 128

Then Destini came out for lunch 10 minutes later. Makkiah had finished eating. Destini sat down with a friend but there wasn't much room left so we moved to the peace circle. Then Brayana and Jaleel came out. By the time they all got out and ate it was time to pick Makkiah up from his class which he had returned to.

09102006 129

After school we went to Math Club at the rec center. Brayana, Destini, and Jaleel go twice a week and I help out. They seem to enjoy it. Mixed in is a little public speaking which is good for them.

After that we ran home and ate quickly before heading off to children's Bible study. We talked about Jesus being our best friend and we had a party.

09102006 130

09102006 136

Then we came back home and ate dinner.

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Amah said...

You have one busy, busy day right after the other. I wonder how you keep everything straight in your head - who is where and needs to get to ? ? ? ?

What a great Mama~~~