Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our trip to the beach

We decided after we got done painting today that we would take the kids to the beach.

Went to Albertson's and got some chicken and drinks.

Went home to change clothes and pick up the kids.

Got everyone loaded into the van.

Headed to the beach.

The clouds in the sky looked so cool when we left that I started taking pictures.

Trip to the beach

By the time we got towards downtown it looked like this.

Trip to the beach3

We headed to Hotel Del but there are no bathrooms near the beach there but the sunset was beautiful!

Trip to the beach5

We finally ended up at Breakers Beach but didn't stay long as it was getting dark. The kids did get in the water though it was to dark to take pictures with the flash. The flash ended up pickng up all the sand and mist in the air. This is the last picture that I got.
Palm Tree sunset


Amah said...

Love the pics. To bad the kids didn't get to swim more. Are you supposed to get rain from John??

Thanks for updating- I love seeing what you are doing. Like your stories too.

Marsha said...