Friday, April 27, 2012

MIA for far to long!

I know, I know! I've been MIA for a LONG time from this blog. I tend to update on Facebook instead of here however I wanted to share with everyone a little bit of what's been going on!

First my family is doing GREAT!

We were all so excited to see Tyreque at Christmas time!

And then Ahma, Papa, Chato and the 2 little ones also joined us!
The only one missing was Raquel - maybe next year we will get everyone together at the same time!
We all went to Christmas Eve service  together!
And got ready to celebrate!
 Hopefully the next time they come to visit we will have nicer weather. 

 Rod took the girls to the Daddy/Daughter dance. Here they are all dressed up. Aren't the all beautiful?!

Second. My business is doing GREAT!

If you haven't already joined us you should check me out on facebook!

You all know I have a heart for adoption and fostering. Since moving to Washington we haven't been able to foster.  Some day when things calm down we plan on pursuing this love again.

Until then I am helping to raise awareness and advocating for those who ARE pursuing adoption.

I have introduced a new line of Adoption Awareness shirts. You can find them at

We are using this line to raise funds for those who are pursuing the gift of adoption. You can meet these families and see what the exciting things going on over at


Diane said...

And now he is five and you have track stars to commemorate!!! I love your blog!

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