Friday, April 23, 2010

Taniyah's First Lost Tooth

A few days ago Taniyah said "You want to see my shark teeth?" I thought she was being funny and said "Sure"

She opens her mouth and has a second row of teeth growing behind the first row on the bottom! She said they are "shark teeth" because sharks have two rows of teeth. That might be true but little girls aren't supposed to!

So we've been diligently wiggling her bottom teeth to get them to loosen up. This morning we got up early to take Jaleel and Makkiah in for a doctors appt. She was eating her cereal and all of the sudden says "My tooth. It's GONE!"

Do you know how hard it is to find a little teeny tiny white tooth in a bowl of cheerios and milk? Let's just say it's not easy.

She's so proud of her missing tooth!


Diane said...

No more 'shark teeth' for our big 5 year old!! She is soooo beautiful! BTW - you could've always just pretended with one of your baby teeth - I still have them!!

Diane said...

and now a pretty line to go over her nose.... such a beautiful girl!! Love her lots.... Amah