Friday, November 04, 2005

Bathtub reglazed

My MOm had the bathtub reglazed about 2 years ago. It's much cheaper to do than replacing the whole bathtub but it does have it's drawbacks.

Not long after our tenants moved in we had a plumbing dilemma. The outcome was new plumbing in the shower, not fixtures, and a new shower surround. One of the drawbacks of reglazing - if you remove the old surround chances are that you will chip the glazing and it will have to be redone. If you chip the glazing and your tenants don't say anything to you about it chances are that it will look REALLY bad (like somebody poured paint into your tub) when you finally get back into the unit after evicting the tenants.

Needless to say I have learned that the above is true. And I have also learned that once you reglaze it's impossible to get even close to all of the glazing off. It on'y comes off where it wants to come off!

So I had the bathrub reglazed. Thankfully it's not something that I can do myself!! It's a stinky job and as much as I love my Mom it's one of those jobs that I would not do:-) While cleaning out the bathtub the night before I made an executive decision to remove the shower doors and the tracks prior to having the glazing done. I figured that it would look better if the inside of the tub was the same color as the outside.

Well the glazing is done and I think it looks much better without the shower doors. Hope my Mom wasn't to attached to the look;-) Makes the bathroom appear bigger which will be a plus if we decide to sell. I think it also gives it a newer look. Now all I have to do is out some caulk in the two screw holes in the wall and touch up some paint.

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Amah said...

It looks beautiful, as do the new appliances. As always, you have wonderful insight and great taste! Now all we have to do is get it rented or sold.