Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Off to School

All my kids actually went to school today. YAY!

Monday I sent everyone to school. I had to go pick Makkiah up at 10:30 because he was coughing and they weren't comfortable with him staying there. We took Angie's paperwork for school and dropped it off at the dentist. Then we went back and got Angie.

Went to meet someone interested in the condo and Ladaria's school called. She was in the office sick so I had to go get her.

Yesterday Ladaria stayed home sick again although she was doing better by the evening and didn't want me to take her to acute care.

Angie had a dentist appt. She has to get 4 teeth pulled and 4 others need fillings. I didn't take Makkiah to school as I wouldn't be close to pick him up if I needed to.

Today Ladaria wanted to stay home from school again but I was mean and made her go. Since she was fine last night, eating, playing, and watching tv I made an executive decision to send her to school. Haven't gotten a call yet so she must have started feeling better- at least I hope. I think everyone who has a cold feels worse in the morning.

I'm going to work on my Christmas letter. I might actually get one sent out this year. You can always hope!!

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Amah said...

Last year you gave up in . . April - wasn't it? Sure hope to geat one this year!!