Saturday, November 12, 2005

Our painted house!

I finally found the cable that connects my camera straight to the computer so that I could download the pictures.
I know that I could just have easily walked back outside to take pictures of the painted house on my memory stick, but, well, hhhmm, that just didn't happen!! I guess I figured that since I already had them then I just needed to find the cable, SO I did it.

A before picture- again - just for comparison sake.
The Dungeon

And the much awaited after picture- although the door is still not painted - I must say that it is a dramatic improvement.

The unDungeon

This is minus the porch swing and porch furniture that we have since added.

1 comment:

amah said...

So what do your neighbors call it now? It sure looks a lot better!!! And the white wasn't getting it either!!