Thursday, November 03, 2005

New appliances at the condo

Got the new fridge and stove at the condo. If you remember from an earlier post the tenants left their food in the other one even though they had no electricity. No electric for two months with things growing in the fridge - YUCK.

Mom and I decided that a new stove would be a good thing also. I think that the one in there must have been the original. I ordered new ones from Sears and had them delivered. I also paid the $20 to have the old ones hauled off. WHEW! One more thing to check off my list.

The new appliances arrived. I must say that they look really nice. We also changed out the light in the kitchen. The old one had a broken cover and you can't buy JUST the cover. They want you to buy the whole thing. So Rod and I replaced the old one. New cover and nice wooden end caps makes it look nicer.

Still haven't found a renter. Maybe the new pics that I took will help.

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