Saturday, November 26, 2005

Next in line

We were awakened this morning by a loud bark at the door. I don't I've ever seen Rod hit the door from a dead sleep that fast in my life.

He thought it was Makkiah. It was Jaleel. He sounded croupy and was having a hard time breathing in. Rod took him out to the porch swing and made him some lemon tea. We also gave him some of Makkiah's on hand steroids. Probably not the acceptable thing to do but we needed to get the swelling in his throat down. The combonation seemed to help and he was breathing easier in no time at all.

Sent him back off to bed and fell back asleep.

Next at the door was Ladaria.

She had a headache and had coughed so hard that she threw up twice. She was hungry and wanted to know what she should do. Gave her some Tylenol and had her eat something. Back to bed she went.

Next up was Ellie who decided at 5am that she also was hungry. Last night she was playing her little - I'm not going to open my mouth and eat game. She didn't eat much dinner. Guess it caught up with her. She very willingly ate this morning.

Jaleel is better this morning and sounds normal, Ladaria is still sleeping and Ellie is fed and happy. Hopefully this cold will get out of our house soon.

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