Friday, November 18, 2005

Busy and sick and teething baby!!

I've been so busy. Constantly on the run AND we have a cold going around. Of course I have the cold along with the kids. I've been loading up on vitamin C and zinc. Taniyah has been teething for who knows how many days and has been miserable. Up all night and screaming all day. She screams and I can't talk since I seem to have lost my voice - we make a great pair!! I'm really NOT ignoring anyone just haven't slowed down to less than 4th gear in week it seems. A million things on my list of things that need done, cross one off and add five more things! I promise to write more soon but I am going to attempt to get some sleep tonight!

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Amah said...

And you thought you'd have it easy when the older kids got into school :) Slow down a little and you'll feel better faster!