Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy 8th Birthday Jaleel!

Today Jaleel turned 8. He really wanted to have a party ON his birthday so we made that happen. I called a couple of friends from church who came over and he also had a few friends from the neighborhood over.
He had a hearing appointment at 3pm which made for an interesting day. I didn't have anything but we still made the party happen.
When Rod got home I ran to the store to get a cake, ice cream and gifts. He ordered pizza!
We had a table full of kids, a Monsters Inc cake, ice cream and gifts.All was good in his world.
Still hard to believe that he is 8 though - time passes so quickly!!

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Amah said...

Looks like he had a wonderful time. Wish I could've been there. It seem like only yesterday we were following the helicopter to Madigan!