Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally got an appt

I finally have an appt with the Fetal Assessment Unit! I called last week and they didn't have a referral. I was told to call my midwife to have the referral put in and they would give me a call to schedule the appt once it was recieved. Still hadn't heard anything from them today so I called again. I was told that they had gotten the referral but it didn't say why I was being referred so the doctor would need to review my ultrasound. About 1.5 hours later I get a call from the Genetics counselor asking if I was aware that I had been given a referral to see her! Yes I'm the one who called you guys - twice - to see what was going on. So my appt is for March 6th at 9am. I will have a level 2 ultrasound done by the perinatologist, then I will see the genetics counselor, then we will discuss the results of the ultrasound and decide what to do based on the results. So I have the appt scheduled. One step closer.

Monday, February 26, 2007


I got out the camera the other day and took some pictures of Taniyah. I put a few of them on my Flickr account. This one is my favorite out of the bunch though.

I dressed her in pastel colors and loved the way she was looking down. I gave it a soft focus to add to the ambiance of the photo. I submitted it to a photo group to have it critiqued and they all said it needed better focus and color so obviously they didn't like it as much as I did. Of well! I still like it no matter what they say.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

20 weeks!!

I've made it to the halfway point! Time has gone by so quickly with this pregnancy. It seems to be just flying by! Technically I'm probably more than halfway since I've never gone to 40 weeks. With Taniyah I made it to 39 weeks and made the doctor nervous so he induced me at 39 weeks. It was probably a good thing that he had scheduled the induction at my 38 week appt for the following week. When I went in for my induction I was 5cm and 80% effaced and not having any contractions. I had gone the night before to pick up Mom and Poppa from the airport and I felt perfectly fine. I think the doctor was concerned that if he let me go any further that I may not make it to the hospital in time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


I went in for my ultrasound yesterday. My appt was at 7:50 am and I had to drink 34 ounces of water in the two hours prior to the appt so I had to get up early. I also had to get all the kids ready for school and Makkiah his meds before I left.

We headed out and Taniyah stayed at the Children's Waiting Room and played. She really enjoyed it and didn't want to leave when I came to pick her up.

Now on to the ultrasound. We are not going to find out what we are having so we don't know what the gender is. It will be a suprise until the end.

I got some pictures of the baby. One of the "darth vader" face. One of the measurements in the head was on the high limit of normal so I am being referred to the Fetal Assessment Unit. I will see the Genetics counselor, the Perinatologist and have a more detailed ultrasound done.

And one of the spine.

And one of the leg and foot. There is some concern about the baby having club feet. They will be looked at again when I go to my FAU appt. In the picture you can see the kneecap on the left. The leg comes down and you can see the top of the foot with the little toes. You can see how the foot seems to be straight down from the leg and bent in.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I know, I know. I'm WAY behind and I'm not even going to try to go back and catch up.

We are putting in a new fence. In putting in the new fence I think I have an idea on how to fix the front gates. I'm not sure that I want to try to do it myself. We'll see after we get the side fence done.

We wanted to make a play area for Taniyah so she is a little more contained than she has been. So we are putting a fence on the side yard. In the back we are going to fence off the heat/AC unit and the terraces with a gate on the side to go on the pathway.

We are going to go a walkway across the front of the flowerbeds and around to the gate. The gate will be a double gate that will be 5 feet wide so we won't have to worry about access to the backyard for big stuff that has to go back there. Not sure if the walkway will extend through the gate to the other side or just to the gate.
We were not wanting the fortress look so we did the open slatted fence. It's about 4.5 feet tall which is a little taller than I had imagined but Rod thought it was a good height so that what we went with. I think once it's painted it will look much better.
I will update again on Wed after my big ultrasound. Rod has duty so he won't get to go but I will scan pictures and post them for everyone. Can't believe how quickly time is passing.