Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally got an appt

I finally have an appt with the Fetal Assessment Unit! I called last week and they didn't have a referral. I was told to call my midwife to have the referral put in and they would give me a call to schedule the appt once it was recieved. Still hadn't heard anything from them today so I called again. I was told that they had gotten the referral but it didn't say why I was being referred so the doctor would need to review my ultrasound. About 1.5 hours later I get a call from the Genetics counselor asking if I was aware that I had been given a referral to see her! Yes I'm the one who called you guys - twice - to see what was going on. So my appt is for March 6th at 9am. I will have a level 2 ultrasound done by the perinatologist, then I will see the genetics counselor, then we will discuss the results of the ultrasound and decide what to do based on the results. So I have the appt scheduled. One step closer.

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Amah said...

I'm so glad that you finally got your appt. I've been concerned for you. I know you stay busy - but such a long time between posts - makes me worry!

Everything will be as God will's. Remember all the "stuff" with Kiah's ultrasounds!!! And here he is . . .