Friday, March 02, 2007

How I spent my evening!

Mom called to talk after her babies were all in bed for the night. Usually mine go down long after hers do.

So as I'm talking to her and catching up Taniyah came to join me. She got a nap of about 2.5 minutes yesterday so she was tired I guess. She laid across my lap and fell asleep.

Pretty soon Coco came to join us. She either thought that the bottom of my legs were cold or Taniyah needed company. I'm not sure which. She certainly wanted to make sure that her pillow didn't go anywhere though.

So this is how we spent the duration of the phone call. Taniyah finally woke up. I think her legs were scrunched and fell asleep on her. She moved down to the end of the couch and went back to sleep until Rod moved her to her bed. I guess she was really tired.

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Amah said...

That is so cute!!! I wish we had "cuddly" moments like that. Our house just seems to be all - well - not cute and cuddly. . . .

It was great talking with you last night. I've missed you - and now Papa is going to get to see you again before I do WAHHHHH