Friday, March 16, 2007

23 weeks!

I had an appt yesterday with the midwife. I've gained 12 pounds so far. Baby's heartrate was in the 130's which she says is "boy range". I think everyone is determined that this is going to be a boy. Guess we'll all find out in about 4 months! Can't believe that time has gone by so quickly. Pretty soon my Mom will be out to visit and then I know that I'm really close!


Amah said...

Either you are "pooching" it out or you won't be able to walk in 4 months!!! I don't think you were that big with Tetee - of course you went to the hospital 12 hours after I got there!!!

Amah said...

Actually, Papa will be out on Tuesday!!

Amah said...

When do we get 24 or 25 weeks? Is your bathroom done?