Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Makkiah's CT scan

Makkiah had his CT scan today. His appt was at noon. We got there at 11am as there was no traffic and the tram came just as we parked the van so no waiting for it. We got there much quicker than expected.

I took Tyreque since I knew I wouldn't be able to stay in the room with Mak. They wanted to try to do it without sedation and I was afraid that he might freak out without a familiar face in there with him.

At 11:05 they called us back. Mak climbed up on the table, laid down and said he was scared. The tech was great in explaining everything to Mak and promised to show him his pictures after he was done.

I got to watch the scan from the booth and see the pictures first. It was pretty cool. Tyreque did a great job talking to Makkiah during the scan and Mak did an AWESOME job of laying still and not moving a muscle.

After the scan was done he showed Mak the pictures. He pointed out his teeth, nose and sinuses. Mak thought they were pretty cool.

I knew right away that one sinus did not look like the other and asked the tech about it. His right side is "filled with something" and his left sinus was clear. He said the final report would take 2-3 days. Dr W told me to contact him on Friday morning for the results and plan.

By 11:30 we were downstairs eating lunch at McD. and by noon we were headed back to the tram stop. By 12:10 we were in the van and headed home.

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Amah said...

Way to go Makk!! Make sure you call and let me know what it is filled with!! Good Job Ty. You can be soooo helpful when you want to :)

2 months seem so long!! 98 Days huh? What's your real guess?????

Love - Mom