Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rod's Parents

Jaleel had a Family Tree Project for his class. We made a big poster with pics of all the kids on purple paper, Rod and his parents on blue paper, and me and my parents on red paper. We then took a family picture and put it on red, blue, and purple paper- each trimmed a little smaller so that you could see each layer. The idea was Rod's parents were on blue and had him, my parents were on red and had me. Rod and I were right next to each other on our respective colors. Then red and blue got together and made purple! He titled it "My Rainbow Family" and glued all different colors of construction paper as the background. When we get the poster back we will take a picture of it and I will put it on here. It turned out really well and he got a good grade on it. All the kids in class as well as his teacher loved his poster. I thought for fun I would post pictures of Rod and his parents along with him and then on another post put my parents and me.
Mom Bernice

Dad Harold

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