Sunday, April 29, 2007

Taniyah's Doppler

Taniyah goes with me to my midwife appointments. She gets to listen to the baby when the midwife does the doppler.

Well she is a fast learner and she made her own doppler.

Destini has a barbie cash register with a handheld scanner.

She's started using it to "listen" to bellies.

Here she is talking to her "patient"

Then she turns on the register

Then she makes sure that I can hear that "grumbly tummy"

Thursday, April 26, 2007

29 weeks!

I've made it to 29 weeks. One more week and I'm in the single digits as far as weeks go. 77 days until my due date. I found out yesterday that I failed my one hour glucose test so now I have to go back tomorrow and do a three hour. That stuff is SO nasty. I had to do the three hour with Jaleel and I passed. It's the whole fasting for 10-12 hours and then drinking what tasted like 10 pounds of sugar in orange soda that's warm. It is probably one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy. Hopefully I will pass the three hour and be done with it. The cutoff is 134 and mine was 147.

I'm feeling really good. I've gained 14 pounds total with this pregnancy which the midwife says is great. My last appt baby was head down but I think at the moment baby has turned head up. Baby seems to be using my bladder for a trampoline. Good thing I've done lots of kegels!!

Rod's ship left out to sea yesterday after being in the yards for 4 months. So starts the work-up schedule. In and out, out and in. The ship will return in a few days but he has duty so won't be home until the next day. I'd rather have it that way then him having duty the day AFTER he gets in. I'd rather just get it done.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Side fence

We finally got the side fence finished. We got the gates done and installed. Now we can close the gate and Taniyah can't go into the front yard. She has her own play area in the back yard. Now we just need to do the back yard so that she can't go around the back of the house.
So it went from this:
To this:

The weather here is getting nice. The rose bush in front of the girls bedroom has exploded with blooms.

The flowerbeds are starting to fill in with plants from last year. I don't think I will have to add any plants as what is in there should fill in all the empty places.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Third trimester!!!

I'm two-thirds of the way done. Today is the first official day of my third trimester!!

Time is going by so quickly. It seems that I just made it to double digits and now I'm down to 90 days on the official counter to my due date.

I think that we may have finally found a car seat that we like. The colors that are out there tight now are just - YUCK!!

I also started my registries at Target and Babies R Us as I've had people ask me about them. I did them online but haven't yet made it to the store to add to them.

I'm 27 weeks and with Taniyah I was put on modified bedrest at 35 weeks. That's 8 weeks away! I need to get so much stuff accomplished before then in case that happens again! I need more time!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007



We got up this morning and headed to Easter Service. I was suprised that we didn't have the normal large crowd. Maybe they went to Sunrise Service. Rod turned off the alarm so we did't make it to that service. It started at 6am.

Then we came home and the kids got their baskets.

Taniyah got Disney's princess and Gabby got SoccerGirl

Makkiah got Scooby skateboard and Jaleel got Fear Factor

Destini got PollyPocket cheerleading stuff and Brayana got SpyGear

The older three kids got solid chocolate bunnies

Tyreque helped Tete dress up in her princess gear. Isn't she cute?!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The boys bedroom-progress

Before we started with their room it was a powder blue. I think the previous owners got a good deal on the paint cause over half the house was powder blue.
We pulled Tyreque's bed out of the closet area and moved it to another area of the room. Makes a lot more room over there.
Then we hung shower curtains up to make the closet look like a closet instead of just haven't closet rods hanging.
We are going to paint the short half wall dark blue to hide fingerprints and we are going to paint circles on the green wall.
This door goes out to the patio and the shower curtain works well for curtains.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

26 weeks!

I'm 26 weeks today. I took some pictures but they kept coming out really fuzzy.

One more week and I'm in my third trimester! I'm almost 2/3's of the way done. Technically speaking I probably AM 2/3's of the way done.

I hit officially hit double digits yesterday and now have 98 days left until my due date. Mom will be here in 2 months - YEAH!! Can't wait to see her and Poppa again.

Things are going by so quickly!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Makkiah's CT scan

Makkiah had his CT scan today. His appt was at noon. We got there at 11am as there was no traffic and the tram came just as we parked the van so no waiting for it. We got there much quicker than expected.

I took Tyreque since I knew I wouldn't be able to stay in the room with Mak. They wanted to try to do it without sedation and I was afraid that he might freak out without a familiar face in there with him.

At 11:05 they called us back. Mak climbed up on the table, laid down and said he was scared. The tech was great in explaining everything to Mak and promised to show him his pictures after he was done.

I got to watch the scan from the booth and see the pictures first. It was pretty cool. Tyreque did a great job talking to Makkiah during the scan and Mak did an AWESOME job of laying still and not moving a muscle.

After the scan was done he showed Mak the pictures. He pointed out his teeth, nose and sinuses. Mak thought they were pretty cool.

I knew right away that one sinus did not look like the other and asked the tech about it. His right side is "filled with something" and his left sinus was clear. He said the final report would take 2-3 days. Dr W told me to contact him on Friday morning for the results and plan.

By 11:30 we were downstairs eating lunch at McD. and by noon we were headed back to the tram stop. By 12:10 we were in the van and headed home.