Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Potty training success

I think we can officially say that Taniyah is potty trained. We went to the lab on Thursday so I could get some blood drawn. While we were there she told me that she had to "pee" which I thought was funny cause she hadn't been going at home. She wouldn't go there once we went into the bathroom though.

On Friday I decided to leave her diaperless and she did great. Only one accident all day!!

Saturday we went over to Will & Marsha's house. Tete said she had to "pee" but everytime we went into the bathroom she would say "no potty" and cry. After a while she was hysterical, she would say "pee", "no potty", scream "no" when I pulled her panties up or down. I didn't know what the issue was. After about 30 minutes of the ongoing drama I put her on the potty and moved the step stool so she couldn't get down. She FINALLY went pee and then she was fine. I think the big potty was to traumatic for her. The kids and I went to football practice with them (Rod had duty) but stopped on our way to buy a little potty for her. She did great at the hours of football practice with her little potty.

After football the kids went home with Will & Marsha and Tyreque & I went to Ross to get shoes. Tete said she had to "pee" but once she saw that big potty she said "no potty"! She stayed dry all the way home and went potty when we got there.

Then she went with me to pick up Ladaria and the rest of the kids and stayed dry that whole time and all night! Yeah Tete!

She's done great since then, even with trips out to church, Ikea, Lowe's and lunch. We even had a breakthrough yesterday when she went pee on the big potty at Ikea TWICE!! Woohoo! I think maybe some of the "big potties" are just a little TOO big for her comfort!! Maybe she thinks she will be flushed away.


Sharen said...

Way to go, Tete! You might have a point on the fear of being flushed - if you get on her level and look at the toliets I bet they do look intimidating! Another one toliet trained and another on the way! They always said that's the way to do it! Glad to hear you are all well and busy as ever!
Love,Aunt Sharen

Amah said...

Yeah for the Big Girl. Don't worry Tetee, Mommy won't let the big bad potty get you - she has so many more that need to use it!! Great Job!!! I tried having them learn to empty it - but didn't like cleaning up the mess - as usual - easier to do it myself!! You have way more patience than I.

Love MOM