Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Update on Appointment

I had my Fetal Assessment Appointment today. I met with the genetics counselor and then had my ultrasound done. The doctor who did the ultrasound said that the ventricles all looked good. She looked at the feet from all angles and said that they looked good as well. She said that the baby looks PERFECT!! I will have another scan done around 34 weeks to look at the lungs.

The baby had it's hands clasped together and resting on it's cheek. It was really cute but she didn't get a very good picture of it. We also saw the baby yawning.


Amah said...

It is so totally amazing what modern medicine can do!! It can scare the daylights out of you and then say ooops -

Glad the appointment went well.


Sharen said...

Sounds like everything is looking good! And you don't seem to have streach mark even now.

Thank you for posting the results for us lurkers!

Love you!
Aunt Sharen