Saturday, March 10, 2007

Footballs and gophers?!

The kids and I went to football practice with Will, Marsha and the kids. Marsha is helping to coach this year so I had to go see her skills put into practice.

Yep she's got it down, stand around with the whistle and shout orders.

And guess what? Will's got it down to!!!

Sometimes the kids copied the coaches.

But other times they really did play.

And some of the coaches, well, I think they pretended to play!

Just kidding!!

Then I saw this little guy pretty close to where I was sitting and I decided to get some pictures of him. The first time I saw him he came all the way out of his hole.
Then he disappeared so I put a french fry near his hole. He came out again until Will walked almost on top of him and he closed off his hole and was gone!

1 comment:

Amah said...

Great gophers Miss Molly!!
I'm in heaven. All of these updates - all at once!! Looks like everyone has everything down pat - even the gopher. You do find the funniest things to take pics of.
Love MOM