Wednesday, March 07, 2007

21 Weeks 5 Days

Rod took new pictures last night. So here I am at 21 weeks 5 days. Everyone seems to think that this is a boy although I think I'm carrying like I did with Taniyah. I don't know what the old wives tale is about carrying.

I didn't even erase my stretch marks this time. I really don't think that I have very many for this being baby #5.

This morning I woke up with my first leg cramp. That means that sleeping on my back is out the window for the time being. I have my Tums and need to pull out some pillows! I can still sleep on my tummy although I try really hard not to.


Amah said...

I can't remember them either!! You don't look all that big - especially for #5!!

Papa will take lots of pics while he is out there too.

love MOM

will said...

ste, just give it up you know that youdon't have the best record in guessing the sex of the just go with the flow TTFN

will said...

amah, you right about that she is not very big.

Aprill said...

Wow, congrats on #5! And you should be proud of those stretch marks!! You earned them, fair and square. I think pregnant women should show off their tummies ... You should walk around in nothing but a bra and low cut jeans. Oh, and if you get arrested for it, I will deny I said anything. ;)