Friday, September 08, 2006

Rod's pulmonary appt

Rod went to see the pulmonologist yesterday.

He was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis, reactive airway disease and nasal mucosal something or other.

These problems all started AFTER moving into the house.

Will have to call my attorney and find out what I need to do.

It's probably mold in the house that is doing it.

Wonder if we will have to move back into housing until things get straightened out.

Rod doesn't like that idea but if we have to so that he can get healthy then that's a price that we have to pay. I know that eventually we will have to move out because the house needs a lot of work that can't be done while we are here.

The problem is that we can't afford to live in housing and pay our mortgage so I'm not sure exactly how that would work out.

Need to talk to the attorney first and find out.

Will let everyone know when I hear something.


Amah said...

The very word life means that you have things you have to do - like it or not. Hope things get worked out quick enough that Rod doesn't get worse before he can get better!!! Best wishes and lots of luck with the plans with the attorney!!

Marsha said...

Like you tell me all the time, GOD has a plan even if we don't like it or understand it. GOD has a bigger blessing in store for you guys. He blesses the faithful.......

Sharen said...

Do the next right thing is my MO - and you are good at it. Keep on trudging and everything will work out - Rod's health is the primary concern! I had to leave Eugene because of the leaf mold... and haven't had a problem with bronchitus since so I think it will clear up for Rod too! Keep us posted!