Thursday, May 04, 2006

Day six

Anyody getting tired of my counting of days yet?!

Today was a pretty typical day.

Getting kids ready for school,

making doctor appts,

making dentist appts,

fielding phone calls,

changing diapers,

cleaning house,

checking e-mail,

making dinner,

doing laundry.

Rod sent me his e-mail address. If you want it e-mail me and I might be nice and give it to you. He's doing well on the ship and has pissed off most of it. They were without a chief master at arms and now he is there doing his job. They don't really like that to much.

He e-mailed me and told me that he was doing daily birthing inspections with the XO and she is really great to work for. I told him that I had hoped there wouldn't really be need for those types of inspections on his ship. He thought it was funny but he really meant berthing inspections.

Not much excitement here but it's good therapy for me!! Since I don't have Rod to talk to about how my day went I can share it here in cyberspace for all to see!!

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Amah said...

I'll count every day with you ~ no problem :-) Glad everything is mundane - no problems there!! Only a few more weeks before we will be back there!! Then you can recount your days to me LOL