Friday, May 05, 2006

Day seven

Today started EARLY. Or should I say that yesterday extended into today, yes I do know that this is the way it normally works, and the day started WAY to early.

Taniyah went to bed in my room.

She tried to throw herself off the bed while in her sleep which effectively woke her from that sleep.

I didn't want to wake the rest of the house SO I decided to let her stay in my bed.

At 1am I had my sweet little 3 year old who came into my room to find the gum that I had moved. Since Taniyah was not asleep, neither was I when my little darling came in. Needless to say she was suprised when I hopped out of bed.

Put her back to bed and turned off all the lights that she had turned on while making the journey to my room.

I tried to bear with Tete. Really I did, but after several hours of her patting my face, kicking me, feeling my nose, etc I just didnt care if the rest of the house was up. At 2:57am, yes that does say AM, I took my lovely little baby to her own bed in her own room. She fussed for a few minutes and then fell asleep. I fell asleep shortly after that. 6am came shortly after that.

After I got everyone off to school I took the youngest four kids to the zoo.

We went through the Children's zoo area and they had fun. I like going on the weekdays as it's less crowded. Today proved that. It was nice and quiet.

Taniyah kept trying to get the goats in the petting zoo to come to her. She would bend down, and pat her legs and "cluck" to them. They weren't impressed but it sure was cute.

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Amah said...

We'll have to have a zoo trip while we are there. Sounds like fun.