Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 31-The girls are gone

The SW came and got the girls this morning.

I was sad to see them go but after the last few days with them it was almost a relief to have them gone.

They had short timers - BAD!

It's been so quiet around here.

When they left this morning I had to bite my tongue.

I don't know why their new social worker has to make everything a battle.

She's really got to have the upper hand and she doesn't hide her prejudice at all.

She didn't want to take the girls "junk".

Now mind you it was not JUNK.

It was their toys.

Their baby dolls, barbies, princess house, books, puzzles, etc.

Things that they deserved to take.

But the social worker didn't want to take it because she didn't want to create a safety hazard in her car.

Well phooey on her.

We got it all packed into her trunk and she was dumbstruck!

I wanted to laugh in her face but I was respectful and waited until she left.

It really irks me because they compalin about how foster parents don't send their kids with anything and then this social worker tries to tell me that their stuff will just have to stay here.

I don't think so, it's theirs and they have a right to take it.

She really is a very arrogant person.

I'm glad that I no longer have to deal with her.

It amazes me that she can come into a unit and play god like she is doing.

The scary part is that she can do it without anybody else blinking an eye.

I feel sorry for the parents who are getting them because I know that they were not given accurate, truthful information.

I know how they were the last few days thinking that they were going to grandma's house (yes I did try to convince them that they weren't). They were more than a handful.

I just hope that these parents are willing to stick it out with them. They will need lots of love and patience, LOTS!

It's been pretty quiet around here.

No fighting, no name calling, no little fingers in things that aren't theirs.

But they will still be missed!

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Amah said...

And you will always have a special place in your heart for those "little fingers" as will we all. It's to bad that there is so much mis-information out there re: foster parents but you can't write something good and have anyone take notice. It will be great to see you on Saturday. Papa is planning how he is going to fix your hallway hole. :-)