Monday, May 08, 2006

Day Nine

Not really a whole lot to talk about today.

I got the lock put on the sliding glass door - FINALLY.

I had to buy three different locks to find one that actually worked on our door.

Now I need to put the door handle back on but I don't remember where I put the screws!

So now I have to buy new screws before I can put it back on.

I also rearranged the baby girls' room.

We scooted the closets out some before putting the door in so I have a little more room in their room.

I hung up the valance in their room which has been sitting on the windowseal since I bought it months ago.

It's up also - FINALLY!

I took off the rest of the wallpaper border that Ellie has been tearing down.

It came down a lot easier than it went up.

Moved the cribs around and plugged the freezer in where our washer is plugged in.

Took Ladaria to practice and decided that due to gas prices I would hang out on that side of town.

We went to Walmart.

And picked out paint for - the kids bathroom, the babies bathroom and the hallway.

I don't think I'll say what colors I picked out.

I think I'll just post pictures when I'm done!!

After much tears and gnashing of teeth between Angie and Makkiah who wanted everything in the store - including the ABC gum we headed over to pick up Ladaria.

Then headed to get gas in the big van - $75.00 for 3/4 of a tank. Thankfully there was a 1/4 of a tank already in it!

Headed home to make dinner to discover that the freezer that I had plugged into the GFCI outlet was not working.

Plugged it into a different outlet - it tripped also.

Tried a different extension cord - tripped again.

Gave up and plugged back in where it was - no wondered it shocks you if you don't have rubber soled shoes on.

Scheduled an appt to have Sears come out and look at it.

Will try a different extension cord tomorrow.

Made dinner, did devotions and put the kids in bed.

Tomorrow Ang and Mak are going on a fieldtrip to Seaworld.

Note to self: Treat the cats for fleas!

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Amah said...

Do you have to e-mail your notes to yourself? I used to do that when I was working. Try putting a rubber mat under the back feet of the freezer. I've heard that works - but the sears guy is probably a much better bet!! Isn't the gum thing wonderful. If people would just put the darn stuff into the garbage!!