Monday, May 15, 2006

Day Sixteen

Another day down!

I think I had such a hard day yesterday so that I could get it done with,

in order to deal with the majority of my kids having a bad day today!!

Taniyah was very clingy today and whiny,

unless I was holding her she was screaming,


since Taniyah was clingy Ellie had to be also,

because if one does it the other follows.

I went to pick up Ang and Mak at school,

Ang was wet and sandy,

all up her backside.

She didn't want to listen to the teacher and kept taking pitchers of water onto the slide,

then sliding down it.

Had her stand by the door while I went to get Mak,

who also had a bad day,

hitting and breaking down because somebody sat by him,


BUMPED him!!

I guess he was really upset and hard to calm down.

Discovered that Brayana has a book report due tomorrow,

and not just any kind of book report,

more of a project book report,

and she wasn't happy about having to do it,

while we played at the park while Tyreque and Ladaria were at practice.

Destini decided that she didn't feel well at the park,

and that she was tired,

and she didn't want to be there,


she was very WHINY,

and asked me every 5 minutes if,

it was time to go yet!

For TWO hours!!!

Jaleel decided that he was going to get upset about EVERYTHING.

Tyreque and Ladaria on the other hand were great today!!

I didn't get a whole lot accomplished,

except keeping peace and tearfree kids.

Hopefully tomorrow is better for ALL of us!!!

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Amah said...

Sounds like they are back to being thier normal selves. The honeymoon days of Dad's-gone-so-we-have-to-be-good-kids-for-Mom have gone bye-bye!! Tell 'em Amah's coming and to cut it out!! :) Sorry they all erupted at once, but then again - they all got it over with at the same time too. (you can hope anyway)~~ Love u - MOM