Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Day Eighteen

Got the kids ready for school and walked them down to the bus stop

only to hear a few minutes later

"Dad's on the phone" from Ladaria

who was at the end of the driveway talking on the phone.

I had to yell down the street three times-

the first because a car drove by and I couldn't hear her at all

the second because a car past and I thought she said that Dad was on the phone

and the last because I wanted to make sure that she said Dad was on the phone.

I ran back to talk to him. He needs me to scan something and e-mail it to him. I didn't care what he needed, it was just good to talk with him.

Makkiah got to talk with him also for a minute.

He ended up getting angry at school and got sent home.

We talked about Dad being out to protect us and keep us safe -

Makkiah asked me how he can keep us safe if he's not here?

How do you explain that to a 5 year old whose Dad has been away only a few days total since he was born?

He drew Rod some pictures and mailed them.

That seemed to help, guess I better stock up on stamps!!

The rest of hos day was pretty good.

I'm trying to make sure that I give all the kids extra hugs, letting them know that I love them, that Dad loves them.

I'll be glad when my Mom is here with extra arms to give hugs with and extra arms to just sit and hold little ones who need some extra comfort.

This is a totally foreign concept to them and I'm feeling it.

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Amah said...

Keep those hugs going. I'll be there soon!! Love Mom