Saturday, May 27, 2006

Day 28

I finished painting the girls room today.

It looks REALLY good.

Got a picture to put on Taniyah's shelf that is really cute.

Her room is almost completely done!

Went to Big Lots today and got a few things.

I saw a bench that I thought would look really good in the hallway.

It was $100 and I didn't have it so I passed on the bench.

Went to the throft store and they had a long bench for $20.

I can buy some coordinating fabric for a few dollars at Walmart.

Recover the bench for less than half of the new one.

I also got a childs desk.

I'm going to repaint it and put it either in the living room or on the front porch.

It was really to cute to pass up and goes with my antique, country theme.

At least it will when I am done with it!

I've got kids in bed and I'm going to go start painting the front door.

Talk to you all tomorrow.

1 comment:

Amah said...

Why are you painting the front door? Isn't it new? Glad you found your next project. LOL Only a few days left - I'm excited