Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day nine

Got a lot accomplished today.

Went to church and worked in the childcare room. Arrived to four kids in a room playing with play-do and no adults in the room. There were two moms who walked in before me to pick up their kids from the previous class and weren't to happy about their kids being in their with no supervision. Hopefully that will change soon.

Met with Pastor J after church to find out what had been decided in the meeting that they had Friday morning. There will be an application and interview process that starts Mother's Day and goes for two weeks. There will also be a meeting this Thursday with IE and Pastor Jeff that I was invited to.

Came home so the kids could eat lunch and headed for HD. I got a different lock for the sliding glass door, a scraper for Makkiah's wall, a watering can and a door handle. Got home in time for John and Liz to come over and help me put up a new door.

Tyreque, Ladaria, and I had to move one of the cabinets out of the hallway, so it's now in our storage room.

John measured and thought and measured and thought some more. Then he went outside and built a wall with a door opening in it. So here it is laying on the walkway.

Then John and Liz carried the wall in while I directed and took pictures (I have to have something to show!). Then John and Liz manhandled it into place. It definetly went in easier than the cabinet came out!

Shimmed the door, screwed it in, screwed it out, reshimmed, etc, etc. I had to laugh at the two of them. Just like married old people. I'm sure that Rod and I sound the same!! The door just wouldn't fit right (must be that the floor is not even in this old house) so John solved the problem by cutting the bottom off of one side of the frame. Put it back in, shimmed, screwed, and wala! - A DOOR!

John put on the new doorhandle, then fiddled with the latchplate until he could easily open and close the door. So the two babies now have privacy in their bedroom! I'm sure all the privacy that two baby girls need!!

Went to the store for milk and hamburgers. It's the first time in over a week that I haven't cooked. I had something out to make for dinner but the door took longer than expected. Oh well.


Amah said...

So the swinging door wouldn't work for dcf? The things you have to do to be a volunteer!!! I'm totally in awe of you. I'd probably had a fight on my hands before I would've put in a door that actually has no wall :-)

Amah said...

Papa wants to know about the doggie?