Saturday, May 06, 2006

Day eight

Today was a busy day.

Stuartand Jessie graduated from Christian Heritage College and I watched Cindy's two babies so that she could watch them walk.

Vinnie (the little baby( has pretty bad exzema) and Cindy had given him benedryl to help with the itching. He lasted about 15 minutes, had a bottle and slept until the came back.

Lib cried for a few seconds when they left but then was happy and playing.

Ellie thought that it was all good and enjoyed playing with Lib.

Taniyah on the other hand was not impressed with that other baby that I was holding and she let us all know her feelings on the situation!

After Cindy, Rosalie, and Samuel came and picked them up we headed off to the presentation. The team presented at the Vietnam Wall Dignity Memorial in Balboa Park. It was an awesome privelege to be invited to go to this and honor our fallen military members.

Destini and Jaleel did rubbings of names of the wall and I was able to explain to them what all those names represented. I was so proud of how well behaved they were during the event. So many people who were there who had lost somebody in that war.

The team did an awesome job and we got many compliments about the pieces that we did. It was incredible the number of people who sat and watched the whole thing. Hopefully it was able to minister to them in the way that they each needed it.

We got home, did dinner and the girls made slushies. Then we waited to see the kids on the news. I fell asleep and missed them. I think only Tyreque and Ladaria saw it. Somebody taped it so I will try to get it. I also forgot my camera but Kristi is going to send me pictures. I will post them when she sends them. I was in such a hurry running around to get people ready that I forgot the camera!

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Amah said...

What is it with you and cameras? If you didn't take pictures at home - we'd see nothing, 'cause you always forget the camera!! Did you ask for the easter Cd for me? I'd love to have a copy of whatever you can get ahold of for the Wall. It is special as I probably know someone whose name is on it. I went to school with all kinds of boys that went to the military and we didn't keep in touch. I am sure the kids did a great job and touched many hearts. They always do. Love - Mom