Friday, May 12, 2006

Day thirteen

Rod's been gone for two weeks now.

I'm staying busy so the time is going by quickly.

Today I went to the awards assembly at the school.

Jaleel got an award for honesty.

It was given to the two people in each class that consistently tell the whole unedited truth.

They put the wrong assembly time on the paper so I got to sit through the 3-5th grade assembly.

Then they had a reception thing with donuts, cookies and muffins before the K-2 grade assembly.

By that time the babies had been sitting in the stroller for over an hour.

We stayed until Jaleel got his award and then we left.

The little ones were done sitting by that time.

After we left there I took the four little ones to the sitter.

I went to the church to work on ID badges.

We need 100 made before Sunday so I got those printed and lamentated and headed back to the sitters house.

Cut all of them and hole punched them.

Came back home and headed off to home group.

Afte home group I went to Wally world to get some ribbon for the ID badges.

Then finally came home to eat something.

It was a long day.

I'm tired!

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Amah said...

What home group are you going to now? I know you've stayed busy and gotten so much accomplished!!! We will see you in just a couple of weeks! Love MOM