Saturday, May 20, 2006

Day 21-Halfway Party

The ships halfway party was today.

We had a lot of fun, going to the park and meeting other spouses from the ship.

It was hot though and I burned my face pretty good, I should have put sunscreen on.

I took some pictures from today which I uploaded onto Flickr but thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Here is Taniyah playing with her shadow.

Here is Taniyah and Ellie making Rod Father's Day cards.

Taniyah was so serious about making her card and she didn't want anyone to touch it. Ellie scribbled for a few seconds and was done.

There was a clown who came and made the kids balloons, did magic tricks, and painted faces. Here is Makkiah showing off his sword and shield.

After we were done there we went to Faith Community for their annual fundraiser. The ACTION kids who were going to camp presented 4 songs and the other kids played games. It was fun but by the end I was tired and burnt. We headed home, made an easy dinner and everyone went to bed. That's where I'm headed!

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Amah said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Your site is messed up - you need to change your margins. The pics on Flickr are great also!! Not to much to pic at this point. No one is doing much of anything.