Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day five

Another day, another set of stuff to do.

After getting all the kids off to school I started scraping the wall in Makkiah's room.

All of the walls in his room are plaster but one wall in particualr has issues.

When we bought the house it had boards in some kind of mosaic style.

Those boards came down thanks to one upset teenage son.

So I've decided to scrap the wall and refinish it.

The layers are:




4)drywall compound



ALL of the layers have to be scraped down to the plaster. I did that for 1.5 hours and got a bucketful.

Then I picked up Ang and Mak from school and headed to the sitters house.

Mak had a pulmonary appt at 2:30 which went well.

A few adjustments in his meds, school action plan and a new diagnosis.

Dr W thinks that we are looking more at allergic croup and told me what to do when he gets croupy. We are really trying to stay away from the high dose oral steroids when possible so we'll see.

Headed off to the pharmacy where we waited for an hour and a half for the eight meds to be filled. Took longer for the meds than it did the doctor visit. AND

we don't have to go back for 6 months!!! If he keeps vomiting and spitting up after we make one med adjustment I do have to call him back so we can look at changing that treatment since he isn't gaining weight very well.

Went and picked up the babies from the sitter and came home in time to pick up the other kids and head off to AWANA.

Another busy day with a few things accomplished. I think Friday I'm going to take the younger kids to the zoo. A change of scenery will be good!

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