Thursday, May 18, 2006

Day 19 - Makkiah read a book!!

Had my second parent-teacher conference for Makkiah and Angie.

Angie is doing better at paying attention and participating.

Makkiah is just blowing his teacher away!!

She doesn't know what to do with him anymore.

He read a Kindergarten phonics reader today.

He sounded out the letters, put them together and read the words.

I was so impressed with him!!


Angie started to not feel good at school and was asleep before we got home.

At least I didn't have to hear -"I DON'T WANT TO GO TO BED!"

when it as naptime.

Hope she feels better by tomorrow though.


Took Destini, Jaleel and Makkiah to the Open House at school.

Brayana played on her flutophone with her class.

We walked through the art show and the book fair.

Went and visited all the classrooms.

Then Brayana started crying because she had a headache.

So I took her home and headed to my meeting, which I was late for but, oh well.

Got to my meeting and there was the trainer and one other person - UGH!!

Tell me why I do this again.

When we try to get rid of it people show up.

When we try to keep it going no one shows up.

I think I may just cancel it.

Afterwards I headed to Walmart to get childrens tylenol.

What a way to spend away from home when I finally have a babysitter!

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Amah said...

Grandpa gave me a flute. A real one. Do you think Brayana would learn to play it? I can bring it with me and we can see how good it is? Good going Kiah!! Amah is proud too!! Hope Naner feels better. I hate headaches!!