Friday, May 19, 2006

Day 20- Another bathroom painted

Today the advocate came and took the girls to the park.

She wanted to put the sleeping baby in her bed but I graciously declined!!

I don't want her going any farther than the front.

Gives her less to complain about!

While the girls were gone I changed the light fixture in the kids bathroom

and rehung their mirror since the other one I have is to small.

Put the shelves back up and thier bathroom is looking good!

I also painted the bathroom in the baby girls' room.

It's now a light lilac color instead of stark white.

I must say that it does look better.

Next project will be priming the new walls and painting the hallway.

I will be so glad when my hallway is one consistent color!

Oh and my camera has been found.

It was returned to me desk by whoever "borrowed" it.

So I will be able to add pictures again.

I did upload some new pictures to Flickr.

I'm waiting for others to put new pics up there also - hint, hint!!

1 comment:

Amah said...

OK. I will but you have to be more direct with Aunt Sharen. Good call with the gal. Ours has taken to stopping by unannounced. "just in the area so thought I'd drop by" kind of thing. Irritating - I was still in my jamies.