Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 64

I have pictures that I will post tomorrow but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Today I took Brayana and her Shelby, Ladaria and Taniyah to lunch for Brayana's birthday. Brayana's other friends couldn't make it so she invited Ladaria. Taniyah was a tag along cause she saw us leaving.

Brayana chose the Souplantation and we had a good time. Shelby is definetly much better behaved than Destini's friend. SHe was polite, well mannered and quiet.

After lunch we went on base and saw "Over the Hedge". It was a cute movie. Taniyah slept through the majority of it.

Came home and Rod called to say hello. It's always nice talking to him. It's getting closer to homecoming time!!!

Around 6pm it finally cooled off enough and we went out to the beach on base. The kids have been wanting to go but it's been to hot to sit out there. They played in the water and we ate chicken.

Left there around 9pm and it was still light enough out to see but I needed to get everyone home to shower and bed. There were still quite a few people there but it wasn't crowded at all.

Now everyone is in bed and the house is quiet except for the break in silence from Mak's cough. I don't know if I'm going to make it to church in the morning as I'm trying to keep him out of the heat. That seems to make him cough worse. I'm hoping that this cough goes away without anything else happening. Dec and June have been notorious months for him. We are out of June now so he can't change the months on me now!

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Amah said...

Did you give Naner her b'day present from Papa & I?
glad all is well down there. will post on my blog as soon as I get my 'puter hooked up!!