Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 79!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a LONG but very productive day. The kids cleaned their rooms, did all their chores and cleaned the yard. I spent ALL day after getting back from church cleaning my room. I cleaned out the closet, I went through all of Rod's clothes and refolded them, did the same with my clothes. I cleaned off all te shelve, cleaned out from under the bed and vacuumed. It took a LONG time to go through everything that had made it into my room. Funny how everyone else's stuff makes it into MY room! SO it's clean and tomorrow will be a new project!


Amah said...

And it looks so good too!! All the kids worked really hard and they were soooo tired!! Funny how they think that keeping things clean is so easy HAHAHA

Sharen & Mitch said...

It looks lovely! How long did it remain? I can't keep my own closet looking that neat!

Good Job kids!

Aunt Sharen