Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 66

Getting closer to homecoming day!!

We are soon to be at less than one month until home.

This morning I was awoken to the pound pound pound of the hammer on the roof!

The roofer's came back and finished!!!

Got all the kids up and dressed for the fair presentation.

Mailed Rod's birthday box at the post office (shhhh there's some really cool things in there and we don't want to spoil it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Went and picked up my rider and headed off to the fairgrounds.

Had the unfortunate oppurtunity to see some dancing that I don't like watching adults doing much less kids that are my own kids ages - UGH!

They were doing some things that they didn't have no business doing and the parents of the kids were there cheering them on.

When the one teen girl was movin to the point that she had to hold her shirt up and put her arms across her boobs so they didn't fall out of her shirt Marsha and I decided that the Kids Art Tent was looking really good!

We spent the rest of the time in there until our group was ready to go on.

The presentation went well and then we picked up another rider who lives out by us and needed a ride home.

I ended up with two boys staying at friend's houses and one friend staying at our house. So it all worked out well.

I think tomorrow we are going to watch the fire works at the beach. Not sure though

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Amah said...

and I'll bet Kiah can describe the dancing pretty well. Got to Canyonville. No wireless so I'll have to catch my Blog up when we go to Portland on Saturday.