Sunday, July 30, 2006

Day 93!! 5 Days Left!

What an interesting day it was today!

We had Youth Day at church so the youth ran the service.

It was fun and they did a great job.

Came home and the kids cleaned out the van.

AND then they found an opposum in the garbage can.

Brayana tried to pick it up with a stick and it played dead!!

She freaked out and dropped it back into the garbage can.

The trash fell on top of it and was smushing it in there.

Hope came to the rescue and freed the opposum!!

He ran off into the neighbors yard!

Then we made homecoming signs for the house and the driveway.

It's still raining so I will have to put them out to hang a little later and finish decorating.

We are all getting excited!!

Mom made enchiladas for dinner and they were SO good!! YUMMY!!

Poppa fixed one of the bathtubs which had a steady stream of water running out of it.

It was hot water at that so not only were we wasting water we were wasting gas to heat the water.

The people who put the knobs in cemented the washer and stuff into the wall!

Poppa had to chisel it out so that he could remove it and replace it.

We were a little concerned that something might break but I decided that we could go ahead and try to fix it.


No more leaking faucet!

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